So much to do, so little time

Are you like me? Do you have the longest to-do list in the world and even less time to accomplish anything? I’ve been trying to find the best [iPhone/iPad] app to help me check off my list.

Here are some that I like (based on design, function, and usability)

TeuxDeux $2.99 (by SwissMiss) It’s simple and it’s browser based. So if you’re used to working in the ‘cloud’ then you’ll like this app. The app connects to your free TeuxDeux Web account

Do it (Tomorrow) Free  (by Adylitica,Inc) Again another simple design. The icon and app looks like a Moleskine notebook with only two pages – ‘Today” and “Tomorrow”. Basically you enter your list on either today or tomorrow. And what ever you don’t accomplish it will automatically carry over.

Remember the Milk Free (by Remember the Milk) Also a web based site that has both a free and paid accounts. There you can manage all your tasks. It’s a type of “Set it, and forget it” principle by David Allen book Getting Things Done There you put all your task that you repeat on a regular basis, and it will send you timely reminders. You can also create different folders from individual family tasks/reminders to personal projects or work tasks.

Reminders Free included in iOS (by Apple) With iPhone 4S and Siri, this app is where Siri puts all your reminders that you, with or without a specific time. You can create different lists and you can check it off as you complete them. Those lists, other than the one titled “On My iPhone” will sync to your iCloud account, which should update all your devices and computers.

TouchBase $2.99 (by Tomo) This app works with you iCal appointments (or you can add them into the app directly) and your address book. Here you can keep in touch with the people that will be at your meetings/appointments. With quick keys text people that you’ve arrived, or that your running late by 5, 10 or 20+

Contact Journal – Personal CRM $4.99 (by zaal LLC) This app allows you to track and take notes after speaking to clients between meetings. You can also sync the data between your iPhone and iPad through Dropbox. After you’ve entered all your notes, you can read them all easily through the Logs tab that gives you a quick view in order of entry date/time. This can be an indispensable app if you’re in sales.

Lemon Free (by Lemon Inc) A web based app, this allows you to track your expenses or all your purchases. You can “scan” your receipts with your iPhone camera, then Lemon will help store your receipts and generate summary reports. The web account is also free at, but for an upgrade at a cost of a couple of lattes a month, it will give you details on every line item and show you how you’re spending your money.