Classes at the AGO

One of great things about the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) are their classes that they offer. From young to old, there is something for everyone.

For adults, there are Photography, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and even Writing.

For Youth and Children, there are Painting and Drawing classes of course, but also an Integrated Studio Projects where they work independently and iDEA Lab Studio where they can explore themes relevant to their lives.

The other nice thing at the Weston Family Learning Centre is the space for parents to sit during the classes. Lounge chairs over looking the work area where the kids classes are held, to rows of tables in an open space where you can catch up on work or reading. And on Sundays, they also have Yoga for only $5.


GO Train


My daughter had said to me that she has gone on most forms of travel (plane, boat, bus, and car). And she said that the train would be the only one that she hasn’t been on yet (and she didn’t count being on the subway). So I needed to go to Oshawa to pick up a car from GM Canada for my weekend test drive. I figure that this is a great opportunity for my daughter to ride a train.

We fully embraced public transportation that day. We walked to the subway station, took it down to Union train station (with minutes to spare) and switched onto the GO Train. The added bonus to this experience was that the trains are double deckers. So needless to say that we sat up top.

It was definitely a fun thing to do with my daughter during her summer break.


Tegan and Sara

I was invited to see Tegan and Sara in concert yesterday at Massey Hall. It was a fantastic show. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a live show.

And since I wasn’t able to meet that last night, I was invited to meet them the next day at their sound check at Kool Haus, so I brought along my daughter for this experience.

She got a poster signed and a t-shirt (that she won’t take off day or night).

Quilting, Part 2

As I mentioned previously, I am making a gift for my best friend’s sister.  Originally the plan was that I would make a crib blanket, but my friend wanted to do the same.  So I opted for a playmat instead.  Above is the playmat folded, showing the small tag I added (Martha Stewart Ribbon)

This is the side that I had put together with the cotton fabrics I got from the Fabricland Member’s sale. The opposite side (which I still need to photograph) is from Ikea.

Here is shows a pouch sewn in (doll not included in the gift, just a prop for the photo).

Camp Week

Is it terrible that I am happy that it is Emily’s camp week?  I almost don’t know what to do with myself with the whole day (okay, it’s really only 9am – 4pm) to myself.  It feels like a luxury.  I just felt like I had soooo much free time.  I don’t even know what day of the week is.  I even thought that yesterday was Thursday.

So, enjoy your week. I sure will.

Playdate fun

My daughter has a weekly playdate with her classmate. So this week, they were at our home. I decided to do a special treat for the girls.

Little sandwiches, cupcakes and cookies.  If I had more time, I would have made the cupcakes instead of buying it.