Classes at the AGO

One of great things about the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) are their classes that they offer. From young to old, there is something for everyone.

For adults, there are Photography, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and even Writing.

For Youth and Children, there are Painting and Drawing classes of course, but also an Integrated Studio Projects where they work independently and iDEA Lab Studio where they can explore themes relevant to their lives.

The other nice thing at the Weston Family Learning Centre is the space for parents to sit during the classes. Lounge chairs over looking the work area where the kids classes are held, to rows of tables in an open space where you can catch up on work or reading. And on Sundays, they also have Yoga for only $5.


Package Exchange 2010

mosaic 2

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I’m so excited to see that is having another lovely package exchange. When I originally read about it, I knew that I wanted to participate (of course, by that time, it was long over as they were posting photos of what had been received).

I’m going to think about what I will include in my package and how I would pack it up.

Quilting, Part 2

As I mentioned previously, I am making a gift for my best friend’s sister.  Originally the plan was that I would make a crib blanket, but my friend wanted to do the same.  So I opted for a playmat instead.  Above is the playmat folded, showing the small tag I added (Martha Stewart Ribbon)

This is the side that I had put together with the cotton fabrics I got from the Fabricland Member’s sale. The opposite side (which I still need to photograph) is from Ikea.

Here is shows a pouch sewn in (doll not included in the gift, just a prop for the photo).


Just finished washing, drying, ironing and folding all the fabric I have around the house for quilting. The above fabric are for my daughter’s quilt that I am preparing to make. The below are the ones that I used for a baby gift. One of my best friend’s sister is expecting her first baby. And with her opting-out on finding out the sex of the baby, I’m sticking with neutral colours.

365 Photo Project

In keeping with tapping back into my creative side, and being a photographer, I think that I’d like to do a picture per day. To start this, I think that I need to pick a day to start, so I think that I will start on my daughter’s birthday. I will document our life for a year.

Keep an eye out for some pics in September 09