Making it work – Before & After Laundry Room

It’s been a long time coming, but I am finally getting my dressing room that I’ve dreamed of since I picked up my first home decor magazine.

I had moved in a year ago from a modern condominium to a 1960’s bungalow. The condo had two walk-in closets, and I mine had 18ft of hanging space and now, I am down to a 3.5ft wide closet. No matter how much I purged, I couldn’t get my clothes to fit. I resorted to using the front hall closet, the home office closet, my bedroom closet and I added two rolling racks, and it still wasn’t enough for my clothes.

I’ve been designing this [in my head] for the last year. I knew the best place for it was in the laundry room because it was the only unfinished space in the house. The added bonus is that we’ll be washing our clothes in the same room. Which means no lugging heavy laundry baskets up and down the stairs.

Here’s where I take something that could have cost me $10,000 with custom designed [everything] to having it all done for less that 1/10th the price:

  1. Hardware for closet system $200
  2. Dresser and room divider (to hide furnace) $300
  3. Foam floor pieces $70
  4. Paint/Drywall + labour $350
  5. Ideally, I’d like a new [sexy] washer/dryer + light fixture, but that will need to come down the road…

[I’ll update the post with the full before and after pictures next week]