Blissdom Canada ’12

Another great year with the ladies at Blissdom Canada. This year, my company Publisher Production Solutions was a proud sponsor of the conference, but I feel that it meant more to me personally. I love being able to see and catch up with the ladies that have been here in the previous years. Especially getting to  those who are from across Canada, not just those from Toronto, but also meeting new people each year.

I was re-inspired to write more, here in my blog, but now possibly guest blogging on other sites. Equally, I have been inspired to pick up my camera again, and not my digital one, but my film camera. I really look forward to finding film (and processing them) that are still available for the many film cameras that I still own. I hope to get back into creating portraits that I did back when I was in school at OCAD.

If you were at Blissdom Canada 2012 this year, I hope that you had a great time. If not, I hope to see you here next year at Blissdom Canada 2013!


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