One step forward, two steps back

Why is it that it always feel like I am playing catch-up [on life]?

As I slowly check off the items that are on my to-do list, more and more gets added at the other end. Things that I need to do, but more importantly, things that I want to do. How do I simplify my life? Do I just have a shorter wish list? Do I get rid of my possessions so I have less to worry about?

I just feel that I am at a stand still. That I am completely overwhelmed — I “cannot see the forest through the trees”. I know that I need help from my business to my personal, but I cannot afford to pay for either. So I am stuck doing it all on my own. So instead of tackling it little by little, day by day, I sit there and I do nothing. Well, not nothing, but the bare minimum and procrastinate until I’m in trouble and I have no choice.

Life’s too short to be beat by “overwhelmed” or “procrastination” — so, it’s decided. No more excuses. I’m going to leap past the two steps and keep moving forward.


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