Feeling Settled

I’ve moved far too many times in my lifetime (thanks to my father), and no, I wasn’t and Army Brat or we weren’t fugitives. He just moved us on average every two year all around the GTA (mostly Scarborough). But, back then, it was easy, he and my mother would take care of everything while my brother and I stayed with family or friends for a weekend. When it was all done, we’d go back to a new bedroom, that was all unpacked and we were all set to goto school.

While in University and College, I moved around just about the same frequency as my father had us moving. But I did it the college style: futon, dresser, suitcase of clothes and CD collection. Took less than a couple of hours to pack move and unpack with the help of a couple of friends.

Since having my kid, I’ve moved 3 times. But this is the 2nd place I’ve owned on my own. With all my furniture, stuff, and kid & dogs in tow and the added stress of buying a selling my place(s), it’s taken me until now to feel settled. Almost back to my old self. This last move started just after Victoria Day Weekend 2011. I think that is a long time to be in limbo.

Now my house feel really lived in (especially after the water leak) and I have a sense of routine with everyone in the house. I can finally breathe again.

I’m looking forward to writing more in my blog. And maybe, just maybe, it will be interesting…


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