It’s a New Year

It’s the first day after my 38th birthday. The Chinese say it’s the start of your 39th year. Either way, 40 is around the corner. I feel that I’ve been dealing with my image and weigh issues as long as I can remember. And it’s taken until now for me to do something about it. 

I know that in previous post from the past year have been about positive change and positive thoughts (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I truly feel that I’ve finally taken action. 

Two weeks ago Monday, I walked into George Kiriakou’s gym, Fight2BeFit, and told him that I was time for me to sign on with him.

I’ve know George for a few years now. We live in the same building and I knew that he was a trainer (at another gym that I won’t mention) for a few years, but wanted to go out on his own. And six months ago, that’s exactly what he did. 

Within a couple of months, he approached me to have an open house/info night for the residents of our building. So I helped him make it happen. He suggested that checked out his first. I walked into 77 Finch Avenue E to the lower level to find a room with the usual suspects – upright an reclining bike, elliptical, stairs and a treadmill, plus all the range of free weights. Turn the corner and there’s a ghetto kitchenette that he called a Protein Shake Bar with one bar stool. There wasn’t much to it. I really wondered how I’d get to my goal in a place like that. 
Well the open house/info night arrived. I really wasn’t sure who or if anyone would turn up. I didn’t think that anyone would  want to pay for a gym membership when we had those same machines in our condo gym. Sure enough, people came. We had about 15ppl come. All of them gave their contact info and got a booklet of free passes to try out services and classes that offered at Fight2BeFit. 

I still didn’t sign up as I had just committed to a year at another gym and I couldn’t get out of it (and I still wasn’t sure if I couldn’t do it on my own). I knew and believed everything George was saying at the open house/info night. January 3rd 2011, I start at my new gym with great enthusiasm trying all the classes. I even signed up for nutritional counseling. 

Three months in, I became frustrated. There was little change to my weight, endurance and clothing size. My mid way goal (of 20lbs down) was 2 weeks away and I wasn’t any closer to it since I had been battling the same 5lbs since January. 

Back to today. It’s the day after my mid way goal, and granted I’m 14lbs from the mid way goal, but I can say that I’m stronger, my recovery is getting better and I already noticed that doing my cardio on the bike is getting easier. 

This is the year that I change my life for the better. 

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