Favourite Photo/Video Apps

{This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid and tried all these apps, and I would give them all 5 stars}

Being a trained photographer (but I don’t do it professionally anymore), I thought that I’d dedicate this post to my absolute favorite Photo/Video Apps.

Photo Apps:

Instagram Free (iPhone only) Already very popular, but right now only available for iPhone/iPod Touch. You can take photos with your camera or grab saved photos from your Photo Library. You can add filters before posting or leave it as it. After uploaded, you can share to many other services like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr to name a few.

Diptic Free with $1.99 upgrade (designed for both iPhone and iPad) This app allows you to put together your photos with preset frames.

Phoster $1.99 (designed for both iPhone and iPad) Create posters to print or share. Already preset with great graphic design. All you have to add is your images and the text. There are also different finishing effects (like a creased poster)

Swanko Lab $1.99 (designed for iPhone) Extra formulas $1.99 It’s like I’m back in school and in the darkroom experimenting. This app allows you to take photos from you library and add effects with different formulas.

ShakeItPhoto $0.99 I miss my polaroid cameras (and I had quite a few different models). This was a great way to simulate taking a polaroid shot. You even shake it to help develop.

CameraBag $1.99 one of the first photography apps on the market, this one has preset finishes to apply on your photos in your library or one that you want to take. Also available CameraBag for iPad $2.99 CameraBag Desktop $19.00

Hipstamatic $1.99 The Hipstamatic comes with the John S Lens, the Jimmy Lens, the Kaimal Mark II Lens, the Standard Flash, the Dreampop Flash, Ina’s 1969 Film, and Kodot Verichrome Film.

Extra packages are Williamsburg HipstaPak (Helga Viking Lens, Pistil Film and Primary Gel pack); The Portland HistaPak (Lucifer IV Lens, and BlacKeys B+W film); Shibuya HipstaPak (Roboto Glitter Lens, Berry Pop Flash, and Float Film); Camden HipstaPak (Alfred Infrared Film and BlacKeys SuperGrain B+W film); The Mission HipstaPak (Bettie XL Lens, Ina’s 1935 Film, and Eggshell White Case); and Limited edition packages: Dali Museum GoodPak (Salvador 84 Lens, DreamCanvas Film, and Dali Dreamscape Case).

They even have a Field Guide to help coach you to take better photos.

QuadCamera Multishot $1.99 It can take sets of 4 or 8 photos in time intervals (that you can adjust). From there, you can have the photo be a multishot or you can turn it into an animated GIF to post on your blog or website.

ToonPaint $1.99 The best app to take a photos and give you a drawing or sketch of the photo.Very easy to use and you can colour it right in the app.

PhotoShake $1.99 Similar to Diptic, it’s a fun way to create photo collages. Select photos then Shake!

AutoStitch $1.99 One of the first photo apps that I bought. It was a great way to create wide or panoramic photos.

Infinicam $0.99 Brought to you by the developers of CameraBag, its similar to it’s sister app, but instead you can choose the combination of filters and frames

Incredibooth $0.99 Just some old fashion fun in the photobooth. You can try to see how many friends that you can squeeze together to get in to shot on your iPhone

Video Apps:

ReelDirector $1.99 (designed for both iPhone and iPad) Before iMovie App $4.99 was available, there was ReelDirector. Not only does it cost less, it’s designed for both iPhone and iPad, whereas iMovie App is only for iPhone

8mm Vintage Camera $1.99 My family had a Super8 camera and filmed their vacations. I love the look and feel of them, so I found that this was the best app for the price.

CinemaFX for Video $2.99 Same developer as 8mm Vintage Camera, but has 55 different filters. Really makes shooting video with your iPhone fun to do and post on YouTube.


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