Here’s to 2011

I’ve been posting irregularly on my blog. I’ve been over extended the last couple of years. I haven’t even been able to post on my daily photoblog every day either. And after attending Blissdom Canada, I realize that I still need to work on finding my [written] voice and have more of a focus of what and where I am posting.

That being said, I am going to create a list of things that I plan on accomplishing this year. I will be coming back to this page to strike off every task that is completed.

[* represents priorities]

  1. (Aside from Books) get rid of things that I don’t touch/use on a [semi] regular basis
  2. Clean out my storage (at my father’s house) so that I only keep seasonal clothes and items for my work studio
  3. Sell, donate, throw out all baby stuff (minus a couple of momentos)
  4. Downsize my [Everbest] office library
  5. Try out as many different classes at my new gym in the month of Jan then:
  6. *Schedule a regular exercise routine
  7. *Create a healthy and balance diet
  8. *Use a meal planner
  9. Create a healthy meal plan for DD (that she will be willing to eat)
  10. *Lose 20lbs or 2 dress sizes by my birthday in March (a kind of half way goal)
  11. *But lose a total 40-50 or down to a size 8-10 dress size (by May 28)
  12. Wear moisturizer with SPF daily/take care of my skin
  13. Truly organize (everything in its place) my home/office and simplify my life
  14. Read “Getting Things Done” and apply it (while using Remember the Milk efficiently)
  15. *No more Fast Foods, No more Pop, No more Processed Foods
  16. File my taxes on time. Get all my personal documents in order
  17. Maintain my friendships with friends near and far, beit via phone, email or Canada Post
  18. Make ALL my gifts or give anything that I have in my gift trunk

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