Blissdom Canada ’10 and Blissdom ’11

I was a late registrant to Blissdom Canada’10. I had heard about Blissdom prior to it coming to Canada from a few blogger that I follow. I never thought of going to a conference for myself until I noted that a lot of the Tweeters that I follow (from Canada) were going to Blissdom Canada.

So I missed the early bird registration when it was a good price, and to make it more difficult, I had to go on a wait list (which I thought was a cruel way of saying that you’re not going to make it this year). I really didn’t think that it was for me until I got the email (and a phone call) giving me a 48-hr window to register as my name came up on the wait list.

Without hesitation, I registered (although the extra $100 really hurt). After tweeting that I was going to Blissdom, I approach a techy mum from [my daughter’s] school yard that I had been socializing since Spring of this year. I asked if she had heard of Blissdom and if she is going, and she tells me that not only is she going, she’s a speaker and she was one of the people that approached the ladies from Blissdom to bring it up to Canada.

It took a lot of juggling with babysitting, but I finally made it to almost every event. Wished that I could listen to all the sessions. But I got a lot out of the ones that I heard. There were amazing speakers. There were inspiring and encouraging ladies there. It was a great time.

After the three days, and “following” as many ladies as I could on twitter that I met, I started to “engage” as Scott Stratten said in his keynote speech. But by Monday, life was back to normal, I had to get my daughter to school, I had to play catch up with work and I’m still trying to find time to work on …. myself.

Then I think about where I came from. That I have been working hard all year on personal improvement. For the first part of the year, I had been figuring it all out. By mid-year, I had found a nutritionist, (six-wks later) a personal trainer, I de-cluttered my storage of all baby/toddler stuff for a Mom-2-Mom sale. So I’m on the road to my goal.

One2One Network is having a Blissdom ’11 Conference Giveaway, where the grand prize is an all expense paid trip. With the conference in August ’11, it would be a nice way to celebrate my first year working towards a more blissful life.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to go to any more out of town conferences in the next year without contest like this. So wish me luck.


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