Seems that since I last posted, which was back in July, I have managed to continue my weight loss. I’ve managed (since around June 20th, 2010) to have lost about 20lbs. This was all though better choices of what I ate + exercise. I’m continuing with my trainer, and starting next week, I think that I will be seeing her 3 times a week. This way, I think that the days that I don’t see her, I get a break.

As for personal goals (sorry, I was just thinking about new year’s resolution – and that start of the school year is like a new year):

1. take more photos

2. learn to use my Nikon D90 properly – can’t get the internal light meter to work right

3. finally have a house warming party

4. clear out everything that I don’t need anymore and try not to become a hoarder

5. do more for others


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