Everything is going according to plan…

Today is exactly 20 weeks to my friend’s wedding where I now need to lose a minimum 10 lbs, but I’d really like to lose up to 30 lbs by then (now that I know that I weight more than I thought I did). The bridesmaid dress that I ordered will take 14 weeks to arrive – I’d like to be sure that they need to take it in [instead of taking it out, hahaha]

But I’m happy to say that after the purge/organize of my kitchen last Thursday, I really feel that everything is going according to my plan. I’m taking small steps to change my habits and change the way I see things. I’m doing it this way to avoid getting overwhelmed or giving up. Although I felt that there was some set backs (with the scale showing that I was heavier than I thought I was when I was on the scale 3 weeks ago), I am still motivated to make this life change.

For the last couple of times I have gone to the grocery store, I’ve been good about the items that I have bought. Okay, minus the bag of chips (mistake) and bag of Tortilla chips (although it is the unsalted ones).

Anyhow, today’s shop consisted  of fruits and vegetables

  • cherry tomatoes
  • fennel
  • heart of romain
  • green oinions
  • fresh herbs
  • red peppers
  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • kiwi
  • royal gala apples
  • asian pear
  • bananas
  • fresh mozzarella

And some supplies to make homemade bread with the bread maker (which we had at my father’s place). I also pick up the blender that I loaned to him.

I’m also restocking my kitchen with the right tools (little bit at a time). Today I got a new (but smaller) wok, large strainer. [I’ve taken the supply list from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Book]

Yesterday’s meals were still not as planned. I’m trying to get the several meal in throughout the day, but all I was able to do:

  1. I ate breakfast (between 8 – 9 am)
  2. attempted some food combining (no protein with starch)
  3. drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day [working towards 12 glasses]

Some additional things that I am really trying to do:

  • eat out less
  • no process food – whole foods
  • home cooked meal (from scratch)

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