Grocery shop on my goal to a new lifestyle

This shop included as much whole foods as possible.
When it comes to dairy, I try to get organic everytime. And I was keeping in mind the rule that my father gave me, nothing WHITE (white bread, salt, sugar etc).

As I was walking throught with my daughter, and was going through a list of things that I pack in her lunches to see what we needed.
We were in the bakery section, and I saw all those cookies. And although they were baked there, I thought that was the one thing that I knew that I could do without any problem. And this way, I know exactly what goes into them. So, sticking with the no white rule, I was in the search for unbleached all purpose flower.

Anyhow, here’s my grocery bill.

2010 © doris chung

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Photos taken on my iPhone with Hipstamatic, CameraBag, ShakeItPhoto and Polarize apps.


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