Get fit/weight loss

Thanks to my friend’s upcoming wedding this year, it’s finally given me a goal date to start my weight loss and to get fit.

So I my aim is 20lbs in 20 weeks, although my ultimate goal is to be 150lbs in about a year.

It’s 158 days to go (so, really it’s 22 weeks, but I need the next two weeks to figure out how to achieve this).

I have signed up and started the following:

  1. Zumba, 1 hr on Tuesdays (I started last week, so I have already done two classes)
  2. Salsa Aerobics + Nutrition, 45 mins aerobics + 15 mins nutrition counseling on Wednesdays (started last week, so including today, I have done two classes)
  3. Personal trainer, 1 hr on Thursdays (but this week we’re meeting on Friday, haven’t started yet)
  4. Walking, preferably 1 hr on Saturdays (but have missed all this month due to travel, jetlag and other reasons)

I’m going to try to blog daily to keep myself in check . Also I would like a place to be able to log everything that I am doing [for exercise] and eat.

This weeks homework from Nutritionist, drink 8 glasses of water per day

This week homework from Zumba class, lower ab “twist”. Previous week’s homework, standing ab work.

In addition to this, my personal goal (for now) is to eliminate process foods from my diet.

I’m emptying my entire kitchen and throwing out (or donating what I can) everything. Although I don’t want to waste anything, I shouldn’t continue to fill myself with foods I don’t want to eat anymore.

I did do a grocery shop tonight after class and bought as much whole foods as possible. And I had to explain to my daughter that any of the snacks that she was accustomed to, we cannot buy anymore. And if we can’t make it (from scratch) then she can’t eat it. So this weekend, we will be baking cookies for her snack.

Ciao for now!


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