Olympics and Canadian Pride

This being the last day of the Winter Olympics, I have time to reflect on what this has meant to me.

To my great surprise, this Winter Olympics has been fantastic to watch. Although we [my daughter and I] have been home the whole time (and not been lucky enough to go out to Vancouver to witness it), we’ve had CTV on almost 24/7 to watch the coverage.

From the time we wake up at 7am, we start with the Olympic morning. Then off to school with my daughter, where I return to watch recaps of all the previous’s day’s highlights.  By lunchtime, there’s an event that I am watching live from bobsled, cross-country skiing or curling [note to my boss, I am working while the TV is on in the background]. After picking up my daughter from school, I’d take her to her after school activities, I find myself checking on my iPhone, through the CTV Olympics app, anything that I am missing because there’s no TV around. Then we come home, have dinner while watching the event that night, while I Twitter with others what I see on TV.

Now, let’s be honest, my 6yr old daughter won’t be able to sit down for the whole evening watching one event, but I kept her apprized of the number of medals Canada had received.  And I can tell that she’s honestly excited and proud of the athletes there representing Canada.  And that she was proud to be Canadian.

We look forward to the final Hockey Game tonight, Canada vs USA, and we know, either way, we will have earn a medal and we’re proud of the Men’s Hockey Team.



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