How I’d like to improve my home

Here is my wish list for my home. Things for me to save up and work towards (they are in no particular order).

1. laundry room: washer/dryer in one; and finish the laundry closet to allow for hanging of clothes to dry etc.

2. kitchen: microwave drawer

3. kitchen: undercounter Fridge/Freezer (still searching the right style)

4. den: well designed Den (just can’t find the right configuration and furnishing)

5. master bedroom: wall mount [new] TV in my bedroom + connect a computer to it.

6. change all my doors (first the bedroom doors, then bathrooms, then closets)

7. bathroom: change 2nd bathroom vanity and sink

8. master bathroom: change sink in ensuite bathroom

9. kitchen: change cabinet doors in kitchen

10. kitchen: new dishwasher

11. kitchen: new sink & faucet

So, when I have $20,000 dollars lying around or when I win the lotto, I’ll be able to strike things off my list.


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