8 January 2010 Priorities

I hope that I am not jinx-ing things by posting this, but I feel that I have had a good start to the year. With the cold weather that hit, my minor car troubles, I still feel very positive and optomistic.

I’ve been sticking with my resolutions, okay maybe not everything that I posted in my blog, but ones that I have in my personal journal. And now that I think about it, maybe they aren’t resolutions, but mini-goals toward my goal of happiness.

I said to myself, that I need to protect myself. That I need to make myself a priority. This is a hard thing to say out loud as a parent. As a parent, your #1 priority is suppose to be your kids and your family, and you’re second on that list. But I guess, what I realized is that I am a part of my family, and therefore I am #1 as well.


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