Organized or Shopaholic?

I feel like my thoughts are all over the place. There are so many things that I want to do… need to do, but so little time. I have my goals, but I just feel frazzled or lost in the sea of to do lists.

I know that I need to get my home straightened out. That will help clear my mind. Allow me to get other things done as I won’t have to worry about this place. But I keep getting a sense that there is a cart and there is a horse, but I keep grabbing the cart first, every time.

Normally when I try to get this place [my home] in order [clean], I will start at one end or in one room (from a corner to the other). But I still have pitfalls. The pitfall, where I don’t just dispose of things that are not wanted. Or where I don’t know where something should go, so I just tuck it back into the place I found it.
OR I think that I need to buy that thing that will help me organize that cupboard, drawer or room. But its a trap because I won’t know what I need until I organize what I have. And I can’t organize what I have without buying that thing that I need.

I have overspent and bought things that I haven’t used because I thought that I needed it or I just wanted it. This year, I vowed to buy less, which now makes me want to keep everything that I have in case I won’t be able to buy anything for myself for a long while. So do I get rid of the crap (that I spent my all money on) or do I keep it (because it cost me something)?

The cycle continues.


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