A few years ago, I attended a workshop at Contact (Toronto’s Annual Photography Festival).  It was a workshop about the Joy of Toy Cameras.  We needed to get a Holga camera.  A plastic camera that uses 120mm film.  Through the workshop, I was introduced into the world of Lomography and all these other plastic cameras.  

I learned that my brother and I had a Diana camera when we were little. A toy plastic camera that our mother gave us, ends up was something that was hard to find a few years ago.

Then my best friend gave me (for a birthday gift) a 35mm film quad camera that was see-through and multi-coloured.  Then all the others followed.  My brother then gifted me another quad camera that took 4 picture in a row.  And over the past summer I got the fisheye camera.  After all this (and a couple hundred dollars later), Apple iPhone has an app (or two) that does everything that all these cameras (in one) for less than $5.

Here are some pics take with the app Quad Camera.  


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