Blogging consistently or is it inconsistently?

I just read a page from another Blog about what are the most common mistakes about writing a bad blog.  One of them was writing consistently.  Preferably, daily.  Oh man.  That’s a lot of pressure…  I’m so new to blogging.  Fortunately, while I am writing this, my blog is still private, so I am treating it like journal entries.

I AM trying to make changes in my life.  Little ones that will make a BIG difference.  I’ve set some goals and I am tackling them bit by bit… like the Little Engine That Could.
The Etsy store is on hold.  But a nice friend assured me that when she opened her store, she barely had three things to sell in the first year.  That made me feel a lot better and less pressure.  I realized (and I don’t know why I didn’t before) that I can only work on one thing at a time.  Meaning that I have so many creative interest (graphic design, photography, sewing, knitting/crochet etc) that if I am doing one of those, I won’t do the other.  So, either, I am getting too old or too tired to multi task OR this is just the way it is.  That you can’t do more than one thing at a time.  Well, this is aside from being a single mum running a business on my own and somehow spending more time in the car than in the office during the business day.
I’ll post the bags that I have complete in the store before the end of this month (after i figure out how much I am charging and how much it costs to ship out).  In the immediate future, I have to spend the next month making baby stuff.  All these friends/family are having kids in the next three months.  The good news is that baby stuff are small (shoes, clothes), so it shouldn’t take too long to sew each piece.  What really takes time is the cutting of the material.  I think that once that is done, it should only take me two or three evenings to sew everything.  
The real test, though, will be to see if I CAN make that diaper bag for my daughter’s Godmother.
Anyhow, I’ll start the blogging schedule slow.  I’ll try to write once a week, instead of when I have a moment (which I rarely do).  I’ll work my way up to daily…. eventually.

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